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Our Philosophy

We work directly with doctors to develop proactive treatment plans for each patient. Strong communication and a hands-on knowledge of both materials and process makes for reliable case results and dependable aesthetics. With our advanced knowledge of dentistry, there is no learning curve - together with doctors we form a solution-driven team focused on maximizing what is already present in each case to obtain the best outcome. At Adina's Dental Lab, Inc., we take pride in our work.



Mrs. Adina Chambers, CDT, went through the same curriculum as her customers. After attending Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, procuring her CDT certification in June '98, and becoming a Recognized Specialist with the Kois Center, she has continued working to advance her education and knowledge.


Vasile Goldis University

Completed 3 year program in 1994 in Arad, Romania

CDT certification

Obtained in June of 1998

Kois Center



Our Work

Before and after examples of patients who are now able to smile again with confidence.





Diagnostic Wax-Ups - Temporaries - Veneers - Crowns - Bridges - Implants

Proactive Treatment

Each case is thoughtfully mapped out using a treatment plan. Every step is personally attended to in-house, ensuring attention to detail and a personal touch.

Trusted Outcomes

We have the technical, digital, and artistic knowledge required to see a case through from start to finish, as well as an understanding of dentistry itself.

Efficient Workflow

Precision and speed are skills that help us maintain not only aesthetic excellence, but maximum productivity as well.


                                       Simply reach out to learn more about our dependable, people-driven services.


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